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Pascoal (pronounced: Pashkual) Mafuieque grew up in a difficult childhood home in Mozambique. As a young man, he headed down a path riddled with crime and greed, until he met two American missionaries, named Heidi and Rolland Baker. The Bakers, who have given their lives to international Christian labors, helped Pascoal discover hope, faith, and dreams of using his influence for good. The documentary chronicles his first-person account alongside stunning nature photography that puts the viewer “in” Pemba, Mozambique, and allows them to experience Pascoal’s inspiring story through the “presence” of virtual reality.


Filmed in Pemba, Mozambique, June-July 2016.


Starring: Pascoal Mafuieque

Visual Post-Production: Mark Sternberg

Assistant Visual Post-Production: Katelyn Thomas

Sound Post-Production: Will Hsieh

Director: Kate Gardner

Special Thanks To: Jenn Duong, Jarrard Cole, David and Margaret Gardner, Jasmine Haskins, Nicole Voelkel, Brock and Crystal Human, Amina Piles, James and Jessica Brewer, Adrienne Faith McKinney, Patrick Pilorz, Harvest School 24, Harvest School Media, Harvest School House 6, and Iris Media