Getting to Know Kardia Creative

Whole. Restored. As it should be.

Strong’s defines the heart — kardia — as “the soul or mind, as it is the fountain and seat of the thoughts, passions, desires, appetites, affections, purposes, or endeavors.” In other words, the heart is the very center of our being. Any processing or questioning or rejoicing or grieving or understanding that happens swirls in the figurative, yet very real, heart.

It is the place of a holy, sanctifying wrestle with the divine and the work we're meant to do.

Your organization has a heart too — a guiding core that propels the work onward. At Kardia, we want to explore your organization from the inside out, bringing healing where healing is needed and vision where vision is needed. Sometimes all it takes for greater clarity is a new set of eyes appraising what is already there.

As we begin with the heart and move outward, our desire then becomes to join your team in brainstorming everything from short-term, creative projects to long-term, strategic media endeavors. As the implementation phase moves closer, we will either develop the content ourselves or connect you with freelance contractors who can help get the job done.

Above all else, we believe relationship is the catalyst for earth-shaking, creative breakthrough. Who are we if not connected to a greater network? What can we truly accomplish independently? We want to learn your mission and know your people before any contracts are signed. We want to work from a place of trust.

These moments and memories we’re walking through are marked by those who walk with us, so let’s seek the heart together.